Freedom Meteor Golf Buggy

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Freedom Meteor Golf-Buggy, will change the way Golfers, both amateur and professional approach the game. this buggy is sure to satisfy every golfer on any golf course.

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The Freedom Meteor Golf Buggy, will be the envy of every other golfer out there. With its Dune Buggy like design, the Freedom Meteor Golf Buggy, will handle any golf coarse with ease, especially due to its turf tyres which include mud guards which will keep you clean and dry at all times. The Meteor Golf Buggy has one extra unique feature. The Meteor Golf Buggy has an articulated chassis, which ensures all four wheels are constantly in contact with the ground. This unique feature can only be experienced when you take the Meteor Golf Buggy for a test ride over uneven surfaces. The Meteor Golf Buggy, also has the capability of being dismantled and easily transported for use at any golf course. The Meteor Golf Buggy is sure to make everyone around you want one. The design has been created to finally get away from the Golf cart we have all been accustomed to seeing around the Golf Course. The combined ride, power and versatility of the Meteor Golf Buggy will surely please. As well as the amazing buggy like looks and performance, our  Meteor Golf Buggy also offers the added advantage of being easily dismantled into a few smaller sections. Reasonably priced and reliable, this Meteor Golf Buggy will cover all the Golf Courses you desire to test.

Overall Dimensions: 134 cm long x 83 cm wide x 100 cm high Motor power: 800 watt four pole Range: Up to 45 km (Terrain and Passenger dependant) Total weight: 97 kg including battery Maximum Load weight: 200 kg Maximum speed: 12.5 km/h Turning radius: Ground clearance: Maximum climbing grade: 15 degrees Free wheeling: Manual Wheels: Battery: 12 volt 55 ah x 2 Seat: high back Colours: Black

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