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The Freedom Hurricane Grand is a state of the art mobility Scooter. with its extra heavy duty design, and an amazing 65 -70 km driving distance on a single charge. this is without a doubt an amazing mobility Scooter and great value for money.

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The Freedom Hurricane Grand mobility scooter, is a state of the art mobility Scooter which is sure to impress in every aspect. The Freedom Hurricane Grand mobility scooter, is without a doubt one of the best mobility scooters around. The three main features, which separate this particular mobility scooter from others on the market, are it’s amazing 250 kg carry capacity, a 1400 watt high torque motor, which is equivalent to approximately 2 hp and it’s incredible 65 – 70 km driving range on a single charge, due to having two 120 ah batteries to power you along. On top of this, the Hurricane Grand has full super bright LED lighting including, headlight, tail lights, brake lights, indicators and hazard lights. The unique design of this particular mobility scooters will definitely separate you from the rest in the crowd. On top of this there are great features such as a full LCD dashboard, which provides all the necessary information, a built in cup holder and even a USB port to ensure you mobile phone is always charged. Now regarding colour options, as Henry Ford said, you can have any colour at all, as long as it’s black. To arrange a personal no obligation FREE home demonstration, call us on 1300 951 799.

Overall Dimensions: 155 cm long x 69 cm wide x 128 cm high Motor power: 1400 watt four pole Range: Up to 70 km (Terrain and Passenger dependant) Total weight: 150 kg including battery Maximum Load weight: 250 kg Maximum speed: 14 km/h on high speed setting. Turning radius: 165 cm Ground clearance: 9 cm Maximum climbing grade: 15 degrees Free wheeling: Electric / Manual Wheels: 14 inch front and 16 inch rear low profile (pneumatic tyres) Battery: 12 volt 120 ah x 2 Seat: high back full adjustable Colours: Exclusive Blimo Red

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