Freedom Lunar 4S2 Mobility Scooter


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Freedom Lunar 4S2 compact mid size mobility scooter, is easily manoeuvrable and also includes a removable battery for easy charging.

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The Freedom Lunar 4S 2 mobility scooter, is a compact mid size four wheel mobility scooter, which is truly versatility and manoeuvrable. The Freedom Lunar 4S2 mobility scooter, is compact in it’s design and will enable the user to handle the smallest, and tightest of environments. The Freedom Lunar 4S2 Mobility Scooter has an amazingly tight turning circle and an extremely soft ride due to having pneumatic air tyres. It has an infinitely adjustable tiller so that the controls will be exactly where you want them and the added advantage of having a removable battery pack for ease of charging.  Available in Red and Blue. 


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the sku = Lunar-4S-1