Freedom Cyclone Demo Mobility Scooter

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Freedom Cyclone mobility scooter, represents excellent value at this price, The Cyclone was originally priced at $4395.00, now only $3395.00

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The Freedom Cyclone Mobility Scooter, was one of our most desired mobility scooters. It is a mid size mobility scooter, which has all the features you would expect on a much larger mobility scooters. The design and build quality of the Freedom Cyclone mobility scooter is second to none. The Freedom Cyclone mobility scooter ¬†incorporates the latest design electronic dash board and display. The display includes an LCD speedometer, odometer and battery level indicator. The lighting on the Freedom Gladiator mobility scooter is all LED, which produces extremely vibrant bright lighting, while conserving battery power due to the efficiency of LED. On top of this, the Freedom Cyclone mobility scooter also includes a built in cup holder. It also has has full suspension, a fully adjustable tiller, fully adjustable luxury high backed seat, electric/Manual free wheeling function, high/Low speed selection, as well as fully adjustable speed. Sleek yet aggressive in design, with it’s 12 inch heavy treaded tires all round.

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the sku = Gladiator-1