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15 Molan Street,
Ringwood, Victoria, Australia, 3134.

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  • Bert Downes

    Hi Martin,

    Just wanted to say thank you again for the way you have helped me out over the last year. Firstly with servicing my original second hand scooter and secondly for hooking me up with my new Gladiator.

    Great scooter with all the power anyone needs!!!

    I have been really impressed with the way you have dealt with me. Your manner is always welcoming and helpful. You are a very generous man always available even for small issues that are of no monetary value.

    I really appreciate your consideration in organising my insurance and making sure I am protected. Your friendly nature and help is a very positive experience for anyone who crosses your path.

    Thank you
    Bert Downes.

  • Thanks Martin,

    Already been down the street a couple of times. Very happy with Scoot 2. Have had several good comments as well...." WOW look how far scooters have come " (tourists) and what an amazing set of wheels. " ...local ...if the sun comes out on Sunday we will shoot down the local farmers market.

    I have left a comment on the FB page as well. Thanks again for your kindness and understanding and excellent service. You’re making a huge difference in people's lives. Mobility isn't just being able to walk its independence and a happy state of mind.

    Thank you
    Chris and David..

  • Kerryn and Martin Brakels

    Hi Martin,

    We would like to thank you for your outstanding service in relation to our Dad purchasing/swapping his scooter. We both appreciate and value the time you have given in providing this service.

    Again thank you
    Kerryn and Martin Brakels.


    Hi Martin,

    G’day. My name is John. I am an old age pensioner and live in Wonthaggi. After doing a lot of homework and research on mobility scooters along with enquiries, I managed to contact Martin at Freedom Mobility Scooters in Bayswater.

    It turned out he had a fantastic deal for me and the new scooter was located in Bayswater, but he had a dealership in Wonthaggi owned by Phil & Viv who could handle the deal, along with the finance/service – the whole kit and caboodle along with delivery (free) to my door even with the next day being a public holiday!

    It only took one day for them to make it happen along with delivery. Let me say, I have never dealt with people so obliging and easy going to get along with.

    One very happy customer!

    Thank you – Martin, Phil and Viv.

    Truly down to earth people!

  • Lyn

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you so much for your speedie service.

    Many thanks again.

  • Thanks Martin,

    You have restored my Independence.
    Thanks very much for all your help.

  • Great to deal with someone that is so honest and reliable.

  • Very happy, great service.

  • I liked the service and Mobility Scooter so much, I recommended my neighbour also get one.

  • Very happy, great service, and my Father has become independent.

  • 2nd July 2015

    To Whom It May Concern


    Martin French had a demonsration and display of his Mobility Scooters recently in the village.

    We found his approach with residents professional, informative and caring. The scooters were very reasonably priced with great after sales service.

    I felt that the Residents certainly enjoyed, and obtained some great information on Mobility Scooters, and the differences between certain models.

    We hope Martin comes to Cherry Tree in the near future for a return visit.

    Kind regards

    Cheryl Walshe

    Assistant Manager

    Cherry Tree Grove Retirement Village

  • Hi Martin,

    ".... for Dads new scooter - he's pretty excited.

    Thank you for your patience during the process.



    Thanks for all,

    Mum is enjoying her new scooter, so very much, such a good thing to do, had my doubts but You always have doubts, but with this , I feel it is the best for her, which is the most important.

    She has taken to it like a fish out of water, and she has listen to your advice, with the bumps etc, she would not have listen to me .... So thank you.



    Dear martin director freedom mobility scooters, further to our phone conversation recently regarding problem with batteries on buddy scooter.
    Thank you for your support in this matter, they are a great little scooter.

    Yours sincerely