TZora Elite Mobility Scooter

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The Tzora Elite Mobility Scooter is a true lightweight portable, foldable and transportable  mobility scooter, which easily folds or dismantles for storage or transportation in seconds. To find out more, or to book a FREE no obligation test ride, call us on 1300 951 799.


Tzora elite mobility scooter, lightweight portable mobility scooter is a lightweight, portable mobility scooter, which dismantles within seconds for ease of transportation and storage.  The Tzora  Elite mobility scooter is equipped with a patented powerful In-Hub Motor inside the large front wheel, which makes it extremely lightweight, compact and powerful. The Easy Travel Elite now comes standard with “front” easy mover Wheels to help prevent a person from accidentally tipping the scooter sideways. This is always a concern with any three wheel scooter and their is no way to eliminate this risk, however the Anti-Tip feature highly reduces this, possibility giving the user and family more security and a piece of mind. The Tzora Elite mobility scooter is perfect for those of you that travel by plain, train, bus or by ship to all parts of the world. with that in mind, the Tzora easy Travel elite mobility scooter has become recognised throughout the world as one of the most portable mobility scooters ever built.  Tzora elite mobility scooter, is a lightweight portable mobility scooter, which has the power to spare with its rear wheel drive highly efficient motor which delivers high torque for steep inclines and longevity for those long trips. Folding effortlessly in seconds, the Tzora Elite mobility scooter is designed to fit easily just about anywhere,  a small closet, tight elevators, narrow storage places and, of course, the boot of your car. Take the Tzora Elite mobility scooter with you on car or a plane trip and be up and running as soon as you get there. Folded and stored for the night, it will be ready when you are in the morning. Slide the Tzora Elite mobility scooter into the back of a van with virtually no lifting effort and unfold it again in no time. There are no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open when folding or unfolding. It’s that easy! The compact foldable design of Tzora Elite scooter, allows you to easily fold, or dismantle into a few lightweight portable piece.  It is easy to see why the Tzora Elite mobility scooter  is one of the worlds most popular lightweight mobility scooters. Our range of Tzora  scooters will change the way we all view and think about FREEDOM and independence.

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Overall Dimensions: 104 cm long x 57 cm wide x 91 cm high Motor power: Range: Up to 13 km (Terrain and Passenger dependant) Total weight: 28 kg without battery Maximum Load weight: 115 kg Maximum speed: Turning radius: Ground clearance: Maximum climbing grade: Freewheeling: Manual Wheels: Battery: 12 ah Seat: folding with armrests Colours: Red

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