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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the questions most frequently asked?

Q. Can I take my scooter in the car with me?


A. Yes, you can take our portable folding scooters as they dismantle into 5 pieces and are easily transported.

Q. What is the maximum weight scooters can carry?


A. Tnis will vary depending on Mobility Scooter model.

Q. What is the difference between a scooter and a power chair?


A. Mobility scooters have three or four wheels and steering is via the handle bars. Scooters are built for long distances and some models disassemble so they can be transported in a vehicle. Power chairs are more likely to be used indoors, although some are equally comfortable outdoors. Power chairs are usually more like traditional wheelchairs and have batteries and a motor attached to each wheel. Power chairs have a joystick controller on the arm.

Q. Can I ride my mobility scooter outside and on the road?


A. Yes, you can ride your scooter outside. Scooters are a "pedestrian mobility device" and are intended for use on footpaths.

Q. Do I need a licence for my scooter?


A. No you don't need a licence to operate your scooter in the State of Victoria.

Q. What is the maximum speed scooters can travel at?


A. Primarily scooters are used by elderly or disabled people and riders should not ride their scooters too fast. A safe suggested speed for scooters is 10 km/h depending on conditions.

Q. How far will my mobility scooter take me with fully charged batteries?


A. That depends on the model of your scooter, the type of terrain you're on, your weight, the temperature and other conditions, but you should be able to travel approximately 20 to 50 kilometres, depending on model.

Q. How long will the batteries last?


A. There are some factors to consider but a set of batteries should last around three - four years, but hey have been known to last a lot longer, depending on how well you look after them.

Q. What happens if I have a problem with my scooter?

A. Simply call our Head Office on 1300 951 799 and we will be glad to help. If the problem can't be resolved over the phone we can arrange for an onsite technician to attend your home and correct the problem.

Q. How long is the Mobility Scooter Warranty?


A. Batteries one year, Charger one year, Scooter two year limited.
(Please note that all products should be serviced at regular intervals)

Q. Is there any maintenance required with the scooter?


A. It is recommended that the batteries be checked daily and tyre pressures checked weekly. Keep your scooter clean by using a damp, soft cloth. We also recommend that you get your scooter serviced by Freedom Mobility Scooters every twelve months.

Q. Can I carry a walking frame or walking stick on a mobility scooter?


A. Walking frame or walking stick holders are an accessory, that are available, and can be installed on your Mobility Scooter.


Q. How much assembling is required?

A. When you purchase a scooter from Freedom Mobility Scooters, we will assemble your scooter prior to delivery. When we deliver your scooter, we will give you a demonstration on how to use and maintain your scooter correctly.


Q. Should I buy a three or four wheel Mobility Scooter?


A. This is your first decision when you look for a scooter. Three wheel Mobility Scooters, are more manoeuvrable, than Four Wheel Mobility Scooters, because they have a smaller turning circle. Four Wheel Mobility Scooters are more stable, this is a very important consideration. On a four wheel Mobility Scooter the front mudguard extends right across the scooter which gives a place to stretch/rest your feet. On Three wheel Mobility Scooters the floor extends forward each side of the steering column.


Q. How can Freedom Mobility Scooters have the lowest prices, latest models and highest quality?


A. We are always researching the best manufacturers and looking into the latest and safest products. The Manufactures we deal with have quality control of the highest and most efficient standard, which is why we can provide the cheapest and best quality products.


Q. How do I charge my Mobility Scooter Battery?


A. Our chargers are automatic and switch off when the batteries are fully charged. Just switch them on and leave them overnight. However when not in use do switch them off at the wall.


Q. Do I need to register my Mobility Scooter?


A. Queensland is currently the only State that requires registration. This is free of charge and includes third party insurance.


Q. Can I be fined if I misuse a mobility Scooter.


A. Yes it’s possible, if you are intoxicated, or use the Mobility Scooter carelessly.


Q. Do I need any insurance?


A. Legally no, but it’s a good idea if the Mobility Scooter is not stored in a safe place.

FREEDOM-MOBILITY-SCOOTERS frequently asked questions will hopefully answer most of the questions you have relating to a a Freedom Mobility Scooter, including warranty, choices, service, carry capacity, charging, etc: